Why Planning, Not Ambition, Drives You To Your Goals

A goal isn't the end. It's the beginning. Give weight to both our vision and the road we'll take to get there.

Yahoo! Praise God for His faithfulness for 2015! And we are so blessed that by God's grace, we are able to make it through to another year of our lives. It is now January, the first month of 2016 and all of us are now dreaming of the goals we want to attain this year. We are all filled with ambitions and resolutions. But, as interested as we are on these goals, ambitions and resolutions, we should also be interested on the work we need to do along the way.

The Path

You see, "a goal isn't the end, it's the beginning." Working backwards with our goals, we can encounter teams of people embroiled in careful planning, strenuous training, meticulous calculations, and continual testing. And that is the true story of work: the path that connects us from our goals to the results, no matter how distant that destination may be.

Why the Path Matters

"Life's a journey, not a destination." And this statement is more than a platitude or a lyrics. In our planning, we often focus too much on the finish line that we may forget the thousand steps in between. What is more? A scientific research suggests that too much farsightedness can have a negative consequences, which Derek Sivers shared in a TED Talk. Furthermore, Neurologist Gabriele Oettingen's own research, in the New York Times, also found: "Fantasizing about happy outcomes - about smoothly attaining your wishes - didn't help. Indeed, it hindered people from realizing their dreams." You see, when we articulate our ambitions in public, it can create a social reality where we can feel a premature sense of accomplishments. Rather than motivating us, thinking about the destinations can actually make us work less hard to get there.

The Balance Between Dreams and Drudgery

This doesn't mean that goal-setting is a waste of time. It is useful to establish the objectives we are working toward. But it is also important to give weight to both our vision and the road we'll take to get there. Here's a hybrid approach that Dr. Oettingen suggests to combine positive thinking with "realism":

"Here's how it works. Think of a wish. For a few minutes, imagine the wish coming true, letting your mind wander and drift where it will. Then shift gears. Spend a few more minutes imagining the obstacles that stand in the way of realizing your wish."

The Road to Liftoff

Much of the communication must consists of assigning tasks to one another. Talk is transformed to something actionable, like a task or project. When we start something new, it is ultimately an exercise where we make obstacles explicit and assigning responsibility for work. We don't make resolutions in a vacuum, so goal-setting and plan-making are the same. When we create objectives, we dive into the details and consider every step along the way. Remember, they are as much map as they are destination.

It is January now and the energy derived from purposeful conversations is valuable, but we also need to take a moment to ask: "How are we going to get there?" We must take our mission and divide it into smaller elements that we can take action on. We have to assign these tasks to one (and only one) person, and give each task a deadline. We need to communicate frequently to move work forward, and continually review our progress to ensure we are heading the right way. And may your plans and goals be in line with the will of God.

Why planning, not ambition, is the true driver of success | Asana Blog

Today Is The Only Day To Succeed

"It is easy to focus too much on the end result you want to accomplish and lose sight of what gets you there; that is, the things you should do today."

Having long-term goals is not wrong. You want to advance in your profession, achieve a healthy body and well-balanced lifestyle, or perhaps a thriving business that helps the community while at the same time sustains your needs as you pour out your passion. But these long-term goals can also be overwhelming. And you wonder how are you going to get all of these done by tomorrow. Here's a practical solution: just focus on today!

As personal finance blog The Simple Dollar points out, it is easy to focus too much on the end result you want to accomplish and lose sight of what gets you there; that is, the things you should do today. In simpler terms, it is easy to focus too much on tomorrow (will I ever achieve it, are things going to happen as planned, how am I going to accomplish those) that you lose sight of today. You see, it is only today that you can actually control and it is only today that you need to worry about. If you add up the todays, you will eventually achieve those goals that you are reaching towards.

Now, if this sounds, "yeah, I know right," then think again. You probably need to adjust your plans, because there's a very practical difference in approaching your goals this way:

First of all, you need to break things down to today – nothing more, nothing less. Success is about today, period.

Yes, it’s fun of dreaming of having a bunch of money or about having a thin body, but those things are simply not going to happen tomorrow or the day after or even next month. Those are long-term things.

The only way you’re going to get there is by taking one single day at a time. What can you do today to move in a positive financial direction? Or in a positive direction in terms of your health?

Today is all that matters. Succeed today and you can feel good, because you know it’s a step in the right direction. Then, just repeat it tomorrow. Do that again and again and you will find the results you want.

"Okay, I have read it all, so now what?" Well, here's a practical way to check if you are effectively applying this mindset: do your long-term goals include action you can take today? If they don't, then you are probably not going to get there. If they do, then that's what the only thing you really need to focus your efforts.

You see, having a long-term plan is nice, and it really helps you have an idea of where you are going. But remember that the plan isn't the goal. Thinking about it over and over again does not get you there. Today is the only day you've got to get anything done. So use it.

You Only Need to Succeed Today | Lifehacker
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It's The Little Things That Count

Most of the time we forget that it's the small things we heartily do that count. So, let's go out of our ways and make a difference in someone's life, all by God's grace and for His glory!

It's The Little Things That Counts by Frank Sonnenberg

And that's exactly where my heart is burdened for our Young People's Fellowship. It's my constant prayer to God that we, the young people of our church, will grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that we will live a God-honoring life and that we will reach the lost and share to them the Gospel.

And we will start small - little by little, one at a time. We hope and pray that every Sunday, in our Young People's Fellowship, we will learn one hymnal song and one action song, memorize one Bible verse and meditate one devotional verse, teach one Bible story, and practice one special number. And it is also our prayer that every week, we will be able to make and write one heartfelt letter to one person with one Gospel tract inside it, and to render a service to one person as we explore the skills and talents that God makes us a steward.

And it is our prayer to God that as we live out our faith in Him through these little things that we will grow little by little as His children.